A concerte slab is a perfect canvas for a work of art, for example, coloring, stamping, scouring, staining, stenciling and molded into just about anything you can imagine.

Stamped Concrete Integral color is mixed right into the concrete then mixed for approximately 10 minutes to achieve a uniform color. Integral colors are available in powdered, granular, or liquid forms. Then in preparation a 4 to 5 inch-slump of concrete is poured, screeded, bull floated and troweled. The slab is ready for stamping when it’s hard enough to support the weight of a worker standing on a stamping tool.

Then a colored release agent is applied to break the bond between the concrete and stamping tool, the color release also compliments or enhances the color of the concrete. Then release agent is washed away, control joints or contortion joints are added at the proper depth and spacing in the slab soon after.

Then a sealer is applied, this final step is also important as a sealer provides multiple benefits, it enriches the colors intensity, it can add sheen to the surface and blocks the penetration of stains.

Stencil concrete concrete is poured screeded and bullfloated, then the slab is ready for stencil. The paper stencil comes in rolls 36 inches by 500 feet and can easily be cut with scissors. Paper stencil is layed on freshly floated concerte, a color hardener is applied and floated, then stencil is removed, the area which the pattern is removed is the the area which is uncolored and slightly indented, resembling a moter joints.