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We made several bars and restaurants in concrete decoration.

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Stamped concrete

Principle of stamped concrete is a concrete poured on site, colored and stamped afterwards in order to reproduce the aesthetics of a wide variety of natural materials, without having neither the cost of installation nor the maintenance costs of the materials. natural which it replaces. Its artistic beauty allows it to be used in many indoor or outdoor areas, in the residential, commercial and municipal sectors.

Its applications are almost limitless: renovation of old discolored and stained concrete, driveways, sidewalks, patios, galleries, balconies, pedestrian walkways, restaurant floors, hotels, demonstration rooms, merchandise gallery entrances.

Gray concrete whether new or old can easily be turned into an attractive, textured surface in a wide variety of colors.

Whether new or used, simple concrete can quickly be transformed into a vivid, textured surface in colors that can complement any decor.

Stamped concrete is obtained by the pressure of an imprint at the time of pouring on the fresh surface of a concrete previously covered with a colored mineral hardener which gives the relief, the shape, and the decorative color of a paving.

Stamped concrete, the latest in landscaping, is a method that is gaining a lot of popularity in Quebec. Due to the variety of patterns and the choice of colors, it allows to personalize each work.

It gives concrete the appearance of natural stones, wood, granite, slate, brick and this with incredible realism. We offer our specially formulated formula for superior durability and minimal maintenance.